Kate loves time with her family, most of whom live in Chicago. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and sharing her passion for photography with her friends. 



Vice President of Digital Content

Joe brings an ability to foresee how the market will react to each new change in drone technology. He believes in not being tethered to any one platform and the constant need to adapt.

He also oversees the coordination of all pilots in the country for each open job; from creation to completion.  ​

Dan Isaacson 

Following graduation, Dan organized his college corporate sponsors including Nike, Champion Sports, and Red Bull to fund a cross country run from Portland to Chicago. He ran 2340 miles at a pace of 35 miles per day before finishing along the Navy Pier.  

One night in 2012, Dan saw a news story on the drone industry and its future. Within days he began what would be the formation of CAVU. He recruited some of his most talented friends to the effort and took its first client.   ​

Kate grew up in Illinois and an early passion for the camera's lens led her to degrees in Art Education and Photography, receiving a bachelors at the prestigious University of Illinois' School of Art and Design.     ​

CAVU was the creation of a conversation among friends. Born out of an idea to use technology to change the way we market the world we live in. Our mission is to give our clients the best aerial cinematography in the country and to set the standard in the burgeoning drone industry. Once a client hires us, they can be assured we will capture their project in stunning detail. 

We know that our success is the direct result of the friendships we have built and the luck we have been given. And our promise is to remember both every time our UAV leaves the ground. 

Today, CAVU is the largest UAV aerial photography company in the US, having shot over $1 billion in real estate value and servicing 3000 clients and growing. We are insured, safe, experienced and compliant with all local, state and federal laws and regulation including the use of 333 exemptions and Part 107 certification. 

America's largest aerial photography company

Dan also serves as an industry expert to legislative bodies and journalists around the country.  

He spends is free time with his friends, missing his family, and, of course, running.


Ironically, being unplugged is Joe's favorite pastime. An avid hiker, rafter and fly-fisher, when on vacation, he can regularly be found where a cell phone signal cannot. 

Joe's real passion is his three boys; Christian, Samuel and Isaiah. He has watched them grow from little kids to handsome young men. He is proud of them and hopes they are of him as well. ​

Joe Loop 

Dan grew up in the mountains of Oregon. Most days you would find him hiking the surrounding trails, rafting the famous Rogue River and running long distances.  He has a personal best of 04:02 mile.

He graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Political Science and got his masters degree in Public Administration. While in college, he worked for a US Senator and the Oregon Legislature. 

Vice President of Operations

Joe also grew up in Southern Oregon. His own path to CAVU was more organic. A self-taught master of all things technological, he would often be found tearing apart computers and piecing them back together as a child. 

Kate Isaacson

Kate oversees the post-production for client orders. Her expanding team processes still and video files from all areas of the country, ensuring that the CAVU promise of quality is uniform throughout the nation. 

​She also orients new pilots, integrating them into their area and ensuring they know and understand the standards and practices that guarantee a safe flight.  


A STORY about friendship and serendipity