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Accurate topographic modeling, with DSMs and DTMs

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Detailed, accurate 3D models and point clouds

NDVI analysis

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Terrain models

Construction and 3D Mapping

3D Mapping and Topography

Simple crop health visualization with 5 algorithms

Our pilots can scan a jobsite in a manner of minutes to extract contour maps, survey-grade orthomosaics site plans or an accurate 3D model.

Aerial photography and videography of worksites gives you a unique way of monitoring the progress of a project, highlighting specific aspects, and showing potential clients the vision you have in stunning detail.  Whether you need a simple aerial shot once of a worksite or a timelapse video an entire year, CAVU can turn your work into a 4K masterpiece.

The technology isn't just about impressing clients. 3D model imagery can be used by your design team to make changes in real-time, giving you greater control over your project and its outcome.

Imagine submitting the bid for your next project with a video fly over of the area or being able to show the progress in a 3D model, accurate to <2cm to anyone, anywhere in the world.