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Only 2 photos of the outside

Nothing of the neighborhood

How close is the neighbor's house?

Is it on a busy street?

How close is mass transit?

Is the driveway long?

What condition is the roof?

The description mentions a wonderful backyard, but doesn't show it.

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The way we sell real estate has changed a lot over the past 30 years. It used to be enough to place a small description in the newspaper in hold an open house. But those who attended had no idea really what to expect.


With the advent of technology, like the internet and websites like Zillow, buyers could get a much better idea of what a property has to offer and filter out properties they aren't interested in.  But the focus is almost entirely on the interior of the property. However, as you know, the outside is just as important.


Until now, showing the neighborhood, local parks, how close the neighbors are, etc., couldn't be captured effectively. CAVU can give you that view. Your buyers can see your property in stunning 4k resolution before they tour it, allowing you to more effectively use your time on only those who have seen it in every possible way.

Spend as much focus on the outside of the property as you do on the inside.


Tell the entire story of the surrounding area.


Stunning hi-resolution images and video

The CAVU 'New Normal'

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